Annuals That Do Best in Full Sun According to Experts in Landscaping Services

Annuals: Best to Grow for Full Sun

Sitting in the sun for the entire day might become quite warm. Some wilt, while some plants adore it. Many perennial flowers with deep tap roots and water-saving leaves can withstand high levels of sunlight, while annuals that are never given the chance to establish a substantial root system frequently struggle. Hence, while choosing annual flowers for the sunny areas of your garden, be selective. Here are some annuals that thrive in full sun and provide happy blooms all summer long, according to landscaping service experts.


Since they both belong to the same family, you may have noticed similarities between the blossoms of celosia and amaranth. Given that Celosia argentea’s flower heads resemble blazing flames, the word “celosia” is a Greek word that means “fire.”

Cosmos Flower

The ease of growing cosmos flowers is unmatched. As well as gentle pastels and even white, you may buy them in a variety of rich hues. The flowers are abundant, despite only being approximately an inch across. The plants blend in well with other flowers and are strong, reaching heights of about 1 to 4 feet.

Ornamental Pepper

Despite not always being grown for their blooms, ornamental peppers nonetheless add lovely color to a garden. The plants produce little, challenging-to-harvest, and edible chili peppers. Nonetheless, some thought to place them in flower beds because of their attractiveness. Similar to the peppers we produce in vegetable gardens, ornamental varieties undergo several color changes as they mature. Some plants have numerous colors on them at once.


This lovely, fragile flower belongs to the nightshade family. The name Nierembergia, which honors the Spanish Jesuit professor of natural history Juan Eusebio Nieremberg, is more frequently used than the plant’s common name, cupflower. That may be so since various plants go by the name cupflower.

Mexican Sunflower

Mexico’s national flower, the sunflower, adores the sun. It will easily grow and blossom, reaching heights of 5 to 8 feet if you place it in a hot, sunny location. However, particularly in windy settings, it could need some support or staking.

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