Gorgeous Blue Flowers That You Will Love Having in Your Landscaping

Beautiful Blue Flowers That You’ll Adore Having in Your Garden

In nature, there are a few blue blooms. However, when you have a few, they are noticeable and worth their salt. Add a cool splash of blue-colored plants with blue blooms to your landscaping. These are simple plants that are available in different hues of blue.

Globe Thistle

Do not let globe thistles’ coarsely textured leaves and the name fool you into thinking it looks like its weedy relatives. They have strong, long-lasting, blue, roundheaded blooms that last all summer and also make good cut flowers.


Baptisia, with its tall blue flower spikes, always presents a stunning sight from spring until late summer. What is more, after the large, dark seedpods come out? This hardy native perennial is grown in the wild, as it can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, such as heat and drought. Additionally, deer and other pests don’t show interest in it.

Siberian Squill

In spring, shady gardens can be enhanced by the display of blue flowers made by Siberian squill, which is only 2 to 3cm tall. However, the small bulbs will naturalize, and they’ll spread forming a natural blanket on the blooming carpet.

Morning Glory

Generations of gardeners have grown to love different kinds of morning glory-flowering vines with sky-blue saucer-shaped blooms. There are other types with shades of pink, deep red, purple, white, and even bicolored flowers like the ‘Flying Saucers’. It will readily germinate from seed and prodigiously self-seed where it is content.


The flowers that give it its colorful name are set against the ferny green leaves. It is easy to produce love-in-a-mist from seed, which also reseeds itself, in a way that does not require constant replanting. The large, round seedpods attract interest even after the striking petals have fallen off.

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