Landscaping Service: Sprays for Topical Use in Treatment and Prevention of Black Spots on Roses

Treatment and Prevention of Black Spots in Roses With Topical Sprays

You may use both commercial and homemade, do-it-yourself remedies to attempt to stop the spread of black spots. Although the remedy may appear time-consuming, black spots on roses are a bothersome issue that can only be slowed down because nothing can eliminate them. Also, to prevent blackspot from reappearing after treating the plant, you must spray your plants once a week beginning in early spring and after a significant downpour, according to experts in landscaping services. Spray the entire plant, including the stems and the tops and bottoms of the leaves. To smother overwintering spores, think about applying a dormant spray or one of the following remedies.

Neem Oil

Neem is an all-natural fungicide and insecticide made from the seeds of the neem tree. You do not need to bother about covering everything or reapplying after rain because it gets into the plant’s system. Under the intense sun, it can, however, burn plant foliage. Neem oil should not be used two weeks after using a sulfur-containing product.

Bordeaux Mix

Copper sulfate and hydrated lime are both components of this fungicide. When combined with water, it can be sprayed or used as a powder. It can burn plant leaves, but the Bordeaux mix deters some insect pests as well. While plants are just beginning to leaf out in the spring, it is typically applied as a preventive.


Fungus illnesses are prevented by sulfur. It is also employed to manage many insect pests. Powdered sulfur is a common form of sulfur. If you want it to combine with water if you like to spray it on, search for one that is marked as wettable.

Insecticidal Soaps with Added Fungicide

It is possible to employ an organic fungicide, which is frequently made by adding sulfur to normal insecticidal soap. The soap gives the plant’s leaves a protective coating and aids in fungicide adhesion.

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